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2021 is an Year of Real Estate Businss

2021 is a year of real state.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year, Welcome to 2021, year of real estate business in Pakistan. I know my lines are wondering you, you are wonder now, because how I can say 2021 will be a wonderful business year in Pakistan. Yes friends it will be a wonderful year for Pakistani economy and real estate business in Pakistan. We can say its Real Estate business year.
As you know Real Estate business was on boom in 2000 to 2008, real Estate agents and advisors had Best business time at that time, indeed at that time money Circulated In market . That is why economy ratio was strong . The dollar price was 65 Rupees in Pakistan . And petrol was 35 rupees liter . Pakistani economy was growing . Millions of job numbers were created, Our Exports were on top of world, growth rate was in excellent position. What was basic Reason Of this development in economy, Only one, that was real estate Boom. That was a Golden real estate period In Pakistan. Pakistani Nation missing that period Always remembers General Pervez Musharraf Musharraf But never remember reason of development that was only real state and not was General Pervez Musharraf. Anyhow real estate graceful period once again coming in Pakistan. And again it will be because of real state sector. Real estate hot spots in Pakistan Bahria town And ring road Rawalpindi Is under process You know I mean to say Bahria town Peshawar. Game changer projects are pipeline, Game Changers not only for investors even for middle class . We steeped in 2021 . Now real estate market is default In UAE Also business close in United Kingdom , American real estate sector is also in ICU, Here in Pakistan Bank interest rate is becoming low and low day by day. Gold is also Quickly losing its value.
The investors are quickly Recover their money from gold market, that the hundreds million Question is that Now where should the gold investor invest their money? very easy answer of this question, in real state . So D H A Peshawar, Bheria Peshawar, Capital Smart City Islamabad Blue World City, Abdullah city, Al haram City, Asia Housing Society, Pir Mehr Ali Shah town ,Qaid e Azam Colony, Gulberg green Islamabad, Golf city, Makka City, Emman Garden, Islamabad farmhouses and other thousand societies in Rawalpindi Islamabad Will be target of these investors . Chakri Road Rawalpindi Will be special target for this invest investors You know why Why because It will be a great hotspot for real estate market in next 10 years . It is because of Ring Road Rawalpindi . It is not a normal Ring Road such as in Peshawar Aryan Lahore . It will be a unique ring road because China Government is interested to build this ring road With modern angels And government of China welding here 10 economic zone . Ring Road Rawalpindi is a game changer project not only for Pakistani investors but also for government of Pakistan and middle class of Pakistan it will be increased thousands of jobs And money making Opportunities . The Government of Pakistan Is not showing reach and trust for this project . If Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan show full interest To this project I think his all struggle will be end And he will be lucky main Of this world. He will achieve his all goals and Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf will be in rule next 20 years . You know Ring Road Rawalpindi will be changed the map of Of Islamabad and Rawalpindi time in twin cities . Where is Grand projects all running and ring road area . Fatima Jinnah Women University Chakri Road campus Is under construction Rangers headquarter Capital Smart City Islamabad Global City Al haram City New Islamabad International Airport Will change Look and luck of twin cities. Eiffel done experience in first decade of 20 century That real state only a weapon who can change the economic situation of Pakistan Yes it is, So it is time now for government of Pakistan and present Prime Minister of Pakistan To take some serious step For real estate market Mr. Imran Khan Prime Minister of Pakistan Is not really in favor of the real estate market. Even real estate market tycoon Mr. Aleem Khan Is his close friend and member of his cabinet . Not only Mr. Aleem Khan is fed up from policies of Imran Khan also real estate sector Is fed up from Mr. Imran Khan . If you want to gain huge number of vote of real estate members adviser agents and their families Then And now he should have to Take some serious steps for this business. All real estate advisor agents and their family need attention of prime minister of Pakistan . Even Ring Road Rawalpindi need attention of Prime Minister . Real estate investors in advisor begging attention of government. Huge number of taxes demolish businesses . Now No money is coming in this field once again Prime Minister of Pakistan must show interest to real estate sector And there all problems will be end in 2021. The 2021 will be heaven of real state Sector Investors And customers If you have money don’t stuck In banks Come on Invest in real estate And make money double.


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